Laura Tillinghast started making art at a young age, discovering photography as her true passion in college. From that point on she has never put her camera down.

As a regularly published photographer for over 15 years, Laura values the importance of understanding light on a deep level and teaches a series of intensive lighting workshops. She has been profiled in magazines such as Professional Photographer, AdWeek and Picture Magazine. She attended the prestigious Eddie Adams workshop and has won a number of industry distinctions including a DA&D award.

Shooting primarily advertising and editorial content, you never know what you will find in front of her lens. Whether it's a gorgeous model, a bowl of oatmeal or a rock band, she shoots with the same goal in mind: make it beautiful.


Tantalum Magazine
Z Life Magazine / Zumba, Inc
Kismet Magazine
Ellements Magazine
SobeFit Magazine
Posh Magazine
Galrilla Magazine
City Smart Magazine
Maxim Espanol
L'Oreal Paris
Jose Feliciano (album covers)
Current TV
JD Natasha for Capitol Records
Diego Jinkus (album cover)
Yael Designs Jewelry
Maycie After Five
Moda Salon
Zenfolio, Inc.
Tail, Inc.

Featured in Adweek, Picture Magazine and Professional Photographer